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New York City is a hot spot of cultures.  These cultures are reflected in the variety of cuisines offered in the City.  From a slice of Italian (or New York) Pizza, to a chinese take out, and from a juicy burger to the perfect cooked steak, New York offers a spectrum of cuisines which is hard to come by anywhere else in the world.

Fine dining in NeW York City?  NYC offerssome of the best restaurants in the world, managed by the leading chefs.  But if you're visiting NYC on a shoestring budget, don't worry, NYC offers a huge selection of budget restaurants, and eateries.  Hot dog anyone?

For the more adventurous the city offers, as to be expected when you have a variety of cultures, a variety of fusion restaurants, however there are other experiences not to be missed.


These include:

Dining in the dark at Camaje.  A romatic and innovative way to dine, that let's you focus on your other senses.  

Shopsin's in Essex Market.  This is not for you if it takes you long to decide.  Shopsin's has a uniqueness, that you can only find in a New York dining experience, by offering more than 800 items on their menu.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  As the chef is known not to suffer fools lightly (and by the way, don't even think of taking out your mobile whilst dining there) we suggest you thrawl through the menu before vsiting.

Ninja New York.  Do you like your martial arts?  Ninja New York is a place to visit.  This is a restaurant that could only be found in New York.  When you walk in to the restaurant you are taken through a dungeon full of stick wielding warriors.  Diners can either enjoy a 3 or 4 course meal japanese and sushi fiesta or order from the extensive japanese food menu.  Only in NYC!

The Diamond Horseshoe. A mic of theater, cuisine and nightlife, with a bit (actually a lot) of magic and fashion thrown in. Queen of the Night is circus meets diner show, with acrobats, artists, actors, musicians and cooks both performing and preparing lavish dishes.  The Diaond Horseshow offers a variety of dining options, which can vary from fine dining experience in NYC to a still not so budget dinign experience in New York.  Still not an NYC dining experience to miss.

And much much more.  NYC offers the best of dining experiences, which can suit anyones tastes and pockets.  In NYC one can eat in the top restaurants in the world, for a fine dining experience, but for those on a lower budget, there are plenty of options as well.

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